Beautiful Spring

Welcome back, Spring You don’t know how much I missed you I can’t believe  you are already here Now I can see why the sun smiles when you are near. I noticed you came  when flowers bloomed again Because winter took away The flowers you created. But we must never forget  What Fall did to […]

Different Perspectives of Freedom

Freedom is a word that signifies a right to some but a dream to others. While I watched a series called Attack on Titan during winter break, this topic was often highlighted in diverse ways by the characters. Eren, the main character, is best described as impulsive, loyal and passionate. “If you win, you live. […]

11th Grade: Dominican Day Activity

Every year the junior year class does an activity for Dominican independence day. This year it belongs to the class of 2022. Usually, a big Dominican bake sale is made where the class sells a bunch of typical food from our country like, “yaniqueques, frio frio, mantecaditos, mangú, salami, queso frito” and more. Because of […]

The Importance of Being Grateful

Being grateful is essential to appreciating and enjoying life. We must appreciate who we are, what we have, what we have achieved, the people around us, etc. It makes us live in harmony with our environment and with a high degree of well-being. If we get carried away by negative thoughts, they can begin to […]

Storming the Capitol

On January 6th of 2021, Trump supporters scaled the walls outside of the Capitol, broke windows, and forced their way into the building. This all happened after a Trump rally, where he decided to tell the crowd to “take action and march to the Capitol,” and they did just that. When the protesters got into […]

Poem to 2021

Hope is filled with your presence Pain is expected to fade in your existence We all have been waiting for you in patience Yet the disaster just seems to be crescent.   Routines have been made, Cards have been laid But we run to your aid As if you could raid all the pain.   […]

Poem about The Three Wise Men

Three wise men Following a star, Searching for the new king, Jesus Christ.  Guided to Bethlehem,  established in the famous manger.   Three wise men,  Who follow the stars, Set out on a new path  bringing myrrh, gold, and frankincense  From the bottom of their hearts.   Melchor lived in Europe,  When he saw a […]

My Future

It’s a new year, and school has started. The transition from one year to another is weird, especially this one. Even if it’s just from the 365th day of a year to the first one again, it feels like the end of an era. People everywhere are making their goal lists, and teachers are asking […]