Let’s Support Supra’s Family Day

Supra’s Family Day is going to be on November 16th at the Patio Sports Club, a place where you can have fun with your family and friends. It is very important to go to the family day because you’re going to have a great experience with all of them and at the same time you will be supporting Supra.

There’s a lot of activities to do on this day like the Mini Zoo, which is done by the juniors, The Hunted House, “El Chapuzón”, The Body Wash, The Hamster Ball and a lot more places or activities like the Kids Zone. You also have a lot of food variety that you can choose from and share it with all your friends.

This is not only for you to have fun; you can also get great ideas for your family day because everyone who is in Lux Mundi has to go through this activity. Remember this is a way for seniors to earn the money they need for graduating and you will get to be in their shoes really soon. Also, this is something that’s done to get the family together for just one day. It is different, not just staying home doing nothing.

You can also see teamwork when you go because you see all the hard work that they put in just to let people have fun and have a great time with their family and friends. We think it will be great if you go to the family day because of all the amazing activities and new opportunities you’ll see there. Don’t forget to buy your tickets and to go to Supra’s Blast from the Past.

by Isabella Alba & Paula Gonzalez