Why Should You Choose the Debate Club?

 The debate club is an extracurricular activity that the school provides to students from 7th to12 grades. The classes are on Tuesdays from 3:00pm to 4:30pm and have a cost of 225 dollars, 200 dollars for the inscription and the remaining 25 for being a member of the National Speech and Debate Association. 

In this club, you will learn skills like: critical thinking, teamwork, text analysis, forming balanced/informed arguments, speech composition and all everything related to improving your English skills. This club provides you with the opportunity to compete both national and international debates with around five to nine available locally. While in outside the country, the most known competitions take place in Harvard and Georgetown, some can find opportunities to go to other colleges like Berkley. Joining the debate club could help you with admission to an international college and opens the possibility of earning a scholarship.

We encourage you to join the club because it will help you and your future, it will provide you with skills that could place you on top of your class and it’s really fun learning about new topics that are happening in the world and being able to discuss them with other people. And as well, it’s an opportunity for you to go to one of the international competitions and get to see how debating is in another country, meet new people from around the world and it’s an entertaining learning experience because you will be traveling with your team.