Anxiety caused by school

Have you ever thought about how much school affects our lives? And if these effects are good or bad in our lives?

We believe that one of the most common reasons for anxiety in young people now days is school. Not just because of all the work and the pressure we feel from the teachers but also for our environment and our classmates, which some of them may be bullies in some cases.

Everyone has a different way of learning. For some of us, it’s easier to learn by reading the material, for others by listening to someone else read the material. As well, everyone has a different speed to learn things. All teachers have a different way of teaching their students that’s why some of us might understand perfectly or probably won’t understand a thing. We think that a good way to solve this problem is to evaluate the students that you have and see which way they understand better and as well have different types of teaching.

Every school will always have a bully, and we know that this kid that we call the ‘’bully’’ has problems in his life that make him attack other people verbally or physically. This ‘’attacks’’ to other students is going to cause different situations in the one who’s being bullied. One of the results, in this case, the kid might start thinking ‘’I’m not good enough for this’’ and ‘’ If I do this I will get punched’’ and things like that that at the end might cause anxiety to the one who’s being bullied.

Some people may say ”anxiety isn’t really a problem”, ”they are being overdramatic” or ” we’ve had it much worse”, but these people are being ignorant about the current situation of the students because the school system has changed throughout the years and it has become more difficult especially in math and science which means more stress for the students, especially the ones who aren’t good in this subjects. If you still think we’re exaggerating that isn’t the only reason we get anxious, now a day with social media it’ss way easier to make fun of your classmates, which not only damage the student’s self-confidence, but it also has a collateral damage to other students that are going to get anxious because they will think ”if I do this they’re going to make fun of me”, ” if I didn’t pass the test they will make fun of me”, ” if I wear this they will make fun of me”. So, it’s not only the work that makes us anxious but also bullying.

In conclusion, we think that to reduce the students anxiety, school should offer a variety of learning methods so the students that don’t necessarily learn reading and writing can learn in a much easier way; we also think that schools should be more strict about bullying so students can see what really can happen if you bully someone.

-Lía Ureña y María Alejandra Tavárez