World Food Day

World Food Day could be a day of action dedicated to confronting international hunger. Each October 16th, individuals from round the world move to declare their commitment to eradicate worldwide hunger from our lifespan. 

This special annual celebration represents the importance of food and agriculture in our communities; celebrating the creation of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), events are organized in over a hundred and fifty countries across the planet, it being amongst the foremost celebrated days. These events promote worldwide awareness and action for those that suffer from hunger and for the requirement to make sure food everyone gets security and alimental diets. The commencement of the Food and Agriculture Organization by the World Organization has contended a major role in creating this potential and accomplishing the goal.

Some reasons as to why the movement of Zero Hunger may change the planet is that it will save the lives of millions of children each year. Mothers who are well-fed are bound to have stronger and healthier babies with much better immune systems and a proper nutrition in life means a rise in the lifespan incomes of each person. Zero Hunger will help us build a safer and comfortable world for everybody.

Every year our school celebrates this special day by preparing a healthy arrangement of foods so everyone can share them at lunch time. This is a way to celebrate this special day and show gratefulness because we get a meal every day. On World Food Day we tend to keep in mind that we are able to mend this problem. This year’s theme “Our Actions are our Future” is intended to urge individuals from all the walks of society to require action for the bar of hunger, saving food and understanding biological process values.