Nursing Home Visit 2019

As we all know, Lux Mundi is a school that also teaches us about kindness and other values that, throughout the years would help us to become more human and will make us able to make some decisions thinking about the greater good. As it is tradition, on our last day before the Christmas break, we went to the nursing home San Francisco de Asís to hang around with the elder while sharing a meal and some time with them. It’s a wonderful activity were the ones that attend to it get a sense of peace and joy that is priceless. In that activity you can do various types of things, like, playing dominoes, giving or serving cake and sodas, talking with the elders, dancing, etc.

My experience changes every year, I’ve been attending this event since I was in 7th grade and with the years passing all of my moments were different; first I only gave food and sodas to the people, but this year I sat down and heard the complete life story of a man, it was very interesting and all, but the one question I asked him was:

“If you could turn back and you see your whole life, could you tell you’ve been happy?”

His reply was pretty convincing because when he finally landed on the answer he told me the following:

“I’ve been happy every single day of my life because I’ve worked, I’ve partied, I made a family, I traveled, and now, I have a day to spend the rest of my days peacefully. I hope you can live your life as happily as me because my life’s been a blessing.”

That answer that got me thinking the whole trip from the nursing home to the school, this year I got not only a peaceful feeling, I also got a life lesson that will be with me for a long time. So if you ask me why you should go I won’t lie by making up fake reasons to make you come, I could easily say the following answer:

“You don’t have to ask me why you should go, if you go you’ll find a feeling that you won’t find anywhere, a feeling that could be even bigger if you know how to manage your time there, a feeling caused by making strangers happy, but if you don’t go, you’re not a bad person, I would just recommend you to find another way of getting that feeling because it’s a pretty interesting one that you’ll not be unsatisfied of getting it.”