Dear Women:

I know you’re probably receiving a lot of praise this whole month, which is insane because you deserve to be celebrated every day of the year. Even though you might be extremely busy dealing with the immense struggle of being yourself, I wanted to dedicate these few words to all you’ve achieved. You’re worthy of this and so much more.

Ever since the world was created, they placed you below men. You were made to accompany and procreate with them. Because of this, they established that you were never in charge. Centuries later, your role still wasn’t as significant as the male gender’s. Men were served and obeyed by you but never seen as an equal. However, you persevered. No matter how much you were beaten down and silenced, you accomplished unimaginable goals.

Although some stand out more than others, I think that all women changed how the world works in many different ways. You worked day and night to earn a place of respect and admiration. Every day you give your all to make this planet a better home. Not only by constantly working but also by bringing a chance of greatness with every newborn that sees a hospital room for the first time. Every person that roams this planet has you to thank for their existence.

I guess what I want to say is that you are and will always be a blessing. You make an example to young minds. You remind us to keep our eyes on the goal. With enough determination and hard work, I can someday change planet Earth for the better. That is all I want.

Love, Sarah B.

Source: Pinterest.