Spring and Easter Break 2020

Spring break is an American holiday where students get a few weeks off school and do whatever they please. For example, a lot of people love traveling, going on road trips, and family vacations. It mainly starts at the end of March and ends around the second week of April. This holiday is celebrated before Easter break, meaning they get about two free weeks off work and school. Many Christians celebrate Easter as the day of Jesus Christ Resurrection.

Source: St. Johns Norwood.

Spring/Easter break this year was different from the others because it was during quarantine, meaning no one could go out or travel like a lot of people used to do. Some people who own beach houses most likely stayed there and passed their time with quarantine buddies. A lot of people had to cancel their road trips and vacations due to COVID-19. On the other hand, there were a few of them who broke the rules, and still went out to spend time with friends and other family members. Beaches were flooded with people spending their time there, which made it an epicenter of the virus and made it spread. During Holy Week, people would go to church, but due to quarantine, that wasn’t possible. There were tons of online masses where you could join for free.

Overall, spring and Easter were a little chaotic from all around the world. Most of us were disappointed with all the changes and quarantine. A lot of home activities came in handy during these few weeks, and now they come in handier while we are in lockdown. We are all hoping next spring/Easter break is a lot better, and we get to do the activities that we want.

Source: Forbes.