Covid-19 Cancels Sports Around The World

The unexpected situation the world is going through is affecting us in every possible way, economically, socially, and daily. But have you asked yourself how it has changed the popular sports and tournaments around the world? Coronavirus has made it impossible for famous sports supported and sponsored by powerful companies with influence in every country to take place.

Around 48,800 games and sports around the world have been canceled due to coronavirus. This costs the sports industry around 61.6 billion dollars this year. Some of the sectors that have been most affected by this tragedy are the NFL, MLB, UEFA, etc. One of the most affected sports tradition wise was the annual Wimbledon tennis match, which has been happening every year since world war II. Some of the most famous players that have been affected by the pandemic are Kevin Durant, Basketball Brooklyn Nets player, Daniele Rugani, Blaise Matuidi, and Paulo Dybala, Soccer Juventus, etc.

In conclusion, the coronavirus has frozen the way that the world works. Most people can’t work, you can’t have physical contact with anyone; you can’t even go to the market. Almost everything is closed. It would help if you were careful because it is said that every single person will be infected; the matter is when, when there is a cure or when there is a peak of mortality rate.