Is Online Education Better Than Traditional Education?

As everyone knows, we are in the middle of a pandemic, which means that everything has changed; for some people for the better, and others for the worst. The same thing happened with education, that’s why I want to talk about online education

Online education is the solution that schools came up with to be able to continue teaching, which benefits many students in different ways. A majority of them have been getting better grades since then, but for others it is harder because of the stress it’s causing them. They say teachers are giving them more homework than usual, so that means that they have to spend the whole day sitting in front of the computer, doing homework, with no free time to clear their minds. A lot of screen time can lead to different consequences, such as:

  • Vision issues
  • Poor sleep: a lot of students have been complaining that they are not getting a good amount of sleep these past days.
  • Neck and back pain
  • More screen time means gaining weight
  • Mental health

Now let’s go back and talk about face-to-face education. It benefits us a lot in different aspects. When walking from one class to another, we stay active. Changing periods, going to another classroom, and interacting with different people can make a difference in your day. Plus, in some schools there is a chart of the maximum amount of homework that the teachers can assign so it is manageable for the student, and this chart still doesn’t exist in online classes.

So comparing both of them, I think what we need is a balance between both. If schools could make a protocol for the students to follow we could go half of us one week and the other half the next week, and that would make a difference.

As answer to our starting question, I can say that what we need is a mix of both.