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Lux Mundi’s New Reality

Eight months ago, no one knew what was coming. This pandemic has affected every single human being on the planet, including the students at Lux Mundi. At the end of last school year, we were learning via online classes and assignments. Nobody expected that we would start the new school year this way. But, like everything in life, we need to accept it. After all, the only constant is change. 

Since September started, the online school has been different than we remembered. The schedule, tasks, and dynamics have changed a little bit. For example, now we have six classes every day and two breaks in between. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have thirty minutes before the first class to gather with our homeroom, just like we used to. Regarding the assignments, they are not the same ones to which we are accustomed.

On some levels, this way of education has been hard for the students. Within less than a month, they have learned to adjust. Nonetheless, it hits pretty hard on some things. Like not being able to see your friends and classmates every day, or take classes in a fun way, such as cool projects and class dynamics. On another note, it is complicated to understand the entire content of a lesson through this system. There are also those events and experiences that are not going to happen the same way, such as the launching of the senior class, the family fun day, the “convivencias,” field trips, and much more. For new students, it has been twice as hard. Since it is the first time they are attending Lux Mundi, they are having difficulties adjusting to a new environment. One of the new tenth-graders said it has been complicated building new friendships and getting to know her other classmates through virtual learning.

But not everything is terrible. At least we are still getting the education we need and the school has tried everything  to give us the best school year. We had the usual holy mass at the beginning of this school year. Besides, there are a lot of tools we can use to have a better learning experience. So, no matter how difficult school gets, we should not let it take power over us. It is our duty to do our work correctly and continue learning.