2020 US Elections

The 2020 US elections took place on November 3rd, and the results came out on November 7th, meaning it took four whole days to count the votes. This has been a hugely controversial topic for a long time between Republicans and Democrats, but Democrats won with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their candidates.. It was tough to keep up on who would win because the states would keep on flipping from red (conservative) to blue (liberal) and vice versa. In the beginning, most states turned red since most republicans voted in person, but that switched with time since most Democrats voted by mail-in ballots. Those  were the last votes counted, meaning that was one of the main reasons the red States turned blue at the end, giving Biden a considerable advantage and allowing him to win. 


At first, Trump had a big advantage because he got Florida, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. Later most of these states flipped when the mail-in ballots were counted, and Biden got the lead. After that, he just needed one or two more states to win it all. Biden had already won California, which has 50 electoral votes,  plus the others that flipped also had a huge amount of electoral votes, which helped him a lot to win the election. Through it all, Trump said that the elections were rigged and it was all fraud from the Democrats. He kept insisting that they cheated and did not count all of the votes or gave all of his votes to Biden. It got to a point where he wanted to take this up to the Supreme Court so every state would stop counting the votes, but he didn’t have any proof that it was fraud or that the other party was cheating. 


The election brought many new things to US history,  this is the first time any president has gained around 77 million votes, and for the first time , there’s a female vice president. These results were mainly influenced by people telling their friends and family to vote and the people  encouraging others to use their right through social media. Because of the pandemic most citizens decided that voting by mail would be more efficient and would be safer. All these votes made the process longer and that’s why it took so long to get results. When Biden won, most democrats went to the streets to celebrate the victory and through the videos you could feel their joy. For now, Biden is supposed to be in office on January 20th to assume his duties, but first he will have to take the oath.