Things That Keep You From Sleeping At Night

I think we can all agree that sleeping is a pleasure, but it is also one of the essential functions of our body. While we sleep, critical regulatory and recovery processes take place. It helps us recover from the physical and mental exhaustion that our daily activities entail. Sleep is so essential that under normal conditions, we should spend a third of the day in bed, which translates to around eight hours a day. When we have recurrent problems sleeping, our physical, cognitive, and emotional state will be negatively affected. 

It is usual for us to go through periods in which we cannot sleep or where we are not sleeping enough, so we must find the factors that are affecting us.

Next, I want to highlight some of the sleep hygiene guidelines that try to modify our inappropriate habits and the environmental factors that may be contributing to our nights rest problems:

  • Caffeine: Do not drink stimulant drinks during the evening.
  • Alcohol: Drinking alcoholic beverages usually causes us to have more nightmares and awakenings during the second half of the night.
  • Feeding: Avoid heavy dinners.
  • Sport: Exercising during the day can help us  rest, as long as we do not practice it a few hours before sleeping.
  • Nicotine: It has a stimulating effect, so it is not recommended to smoke just before going to bed.
  • Room conditions: Control aspects, such as noise and temperature.
  • Mobile phones and tablets: The exposure to light from these devices can make it difficult to fall asleep. Answering emails or messages before going to sleep can make us turn our heads to various issues that prevent us from resting.

Sometimes, just by completing these simple guidelines that establish good habits and routines, you will be able to regain a normalized sleep.