Covid Cases Increase Due to Black Friday Shopping

The truth is, we’ve been waiting all year long for Black Friday sales. Who doesn’t love getting great deals for the things you want? Especially in this season. This year was no exception. All stores, big and small, did their Black Friday specials, and people shopped. A lot. 


Because of the pandemic, there were fewer people than usual, but still, the stores were packed, and even though they took measures, people were really close and it’s really hard to keep distanced while shopping in a store. 


Some people opted for online shopping, for a safer experience. A lot of stores also closed and claimed they were going to be solely online. But, even though the CDC (Center for Disease Control) said that Black Friday shopping was a high- risk activity, there was a lot of agglomeration in the stores and malls, especially in New York. 

Some went crazy and obviously there were consequences. Covid cases increased during thanksgiving weekend and experts have no doubt that black friday shopping played a big part in this. 


People should be more aware of the gravity of the situation we are living in right now, and avoid these kinds of events although they’re tempting, because they are. In the long run the consequences affect the process of going back to normal. 


At least there was a huge part of the crowd who waited until cyber monday to shop. This was the perfect alternative for the pandemic situation and many are opting for this choice  since a few years ago to avoid the chaos that every year we experience on this day.

Online sales went up and the marketing strategy stores used for their sales were a big hit. 

People took advantage of the sales and did Christmas shopping. 


Overall, in a way the pandemic took black friday and those who took the risk to go to the store are now facing the consequences, but the important thing is that an alternative was found, and it worked.