During this unprecedented pandemic, all hopes of containing it have been placed on two vaccines released by different American companies, Moderna and Pfizer. We’ll focus  on Pfizer’s attempt to immunize the recipients of their project.  


The first thing you should know about this new vaccine is that it is not like any other and that it is unique due to the fact they  created it with  MRNA technology. TheMRNA or Messenger RNA works by allowing the molecules to carry information to the DNA so that the cytoplasm can make these specific proteins that can serve to protect against COVID-19.


The SARS-CoV-2 virus is studded by proteins making this characteristic a weakness in the virus and a target for the MRNA type of vaccine to work against it. This technique implemented in the vaccine released by Pzifer, where the protein developed by the injected body will now start creating antibodies that will have the same type of protein that the virus has, makes the antibodies virus-proof because the body of the person who injected will now notice the virus’s presence. his will allow to neutralize its danger and kill the virus in the process.


The vaccine has a 95% effectiveness, and you will need two doses, with 21 days between the doses. . Scientists don’t know how long you will be protected. Still, according to the New York Times, due to the body’s B remembering cells, you could see at least one year of immunity at worst. The secondary effects included with the vaccine are headache and fatigue.


Thanks to all the data uncovered, it is assumed that this vaccine is safe, and even if you suffer a problem after vaccination, doctors already know how to treat these unexpected circumstances, and it is infrequent that a situation alike arises.


Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash