11th Grade: Dominican Day Activity

Every year the junior year class does an activity for Dominican independence day. This year it belongs to the class of 2022. Usually, a big Dominican bake sale is made where the class sells a bunch of typical food from our country like, “yaniqueques, frio frio, mantecaditos, mangú, salami, queso frito” and more. Because of Covid-19, those plans have been altered, and a new project has come to life. The junior class came up with a creative fun way to relive this activity. 


After a lot of brainstorming, the students came up with various ideas, taking into consideration that it had to be related to February 27 (Dominican Independence). Not long after, they all agreed on the idea of selling tie-dye kits. You might ask, how is this related to our Independence Day? Each kit includes one t-shirt, two bottles of very fun and bright color dye, and a bunch of accessories like feathers, jingle bells, craft safety pins, and ribbons. It’s like getting to make your own “Diablo Cajuelo” inspired shirt at home. This idea was picked because it was an excellent craft to do at home with your family and it will,define be entertaining.


On Friday 26th, the grade announced the activity to the public on their Instagram page. A video was uploaded, and it gave a quick look of what the activity  is going to be. It showed different designs and ideas that you can do to your t-shirt. A few hours later, they uploaded a poster with all the information needed to order your kits. The 11th graders got a lot of support from their parents, classmates, seniors, and the school. 


If you are interested in supporting the graduating class of 2022 and their creative activity, make sure to get your tie-dye kit as soon as possible! To make it as accommodating and fitting for everyone there is going to be delivery and pick up. Every kit is $600 pesos, but if you order delivery it costs an extra $100 pesos. The sale ends on Thursday, March 4th.Deliveries and pickups will take place on March 5th. For more information go check out the class instagram page, @prom22lm, where they give updates of prices, dates, and if something is sold out. 


Written by: Stephanie Luciano and Julia Despradel