Beautiful Spring

Welcome back, Spring

You don’t know how much I missed you

I can’t believe  you are already here

Now I can see why the sun smiles when you are near.

I noticed you came 

when flowers bloomed again

Because winter took away

The flowers you created.

But we must never forget 

What Fall did to our leaves 

They were everywhere except the trees

But I guess we could say the colors were pretty

Because I kept taking pictures on my phone every day. 

Dear Spring, please never go away

Because my happiness here depends 

with each passing day.

Now I will sit on that beautiful tree 

with your warm breeze

Enjoying the beautiful sunset that you bring.

Welcome back, Spring

I wish you could stay here forever 

And watch your flowers grow

But soon it’s time for summer

to keep your legacy 

Before winter comes back

And take my happiness away.



Picture Credits: Freepik