Face to face meetings in Lux Mundi

We all know that recently we’ve had the opportunity to attend school. We’ve done all sorts of activities from catching up on subjects with our teacher to playing “el pañuelito” with our friends. It has been a great experience and a chance to breathe freely away from Zoom and computers. Our brains are exhausted from being stuck to a screen from 8 am until 2 pm, sometimes more, since we do have school work to do. These meetings/gatherings give us hope that soon we will return to normality; no one imagined that we would last a year without attending classes.


The school has followed an exceptional protocol with COVID-19. I felt safe in the environment; they had extra masks, practiced social distancing, and had hand sanitizer everywhere you looked. So far, we have had three different meetings at school, the first one in December, where we talked about how the pandemic has changed us in both positive and negative aspects. The second one was a meeting we had with the teachers of the basic subjects, each  scheduled for 15 minutes to clarify any doubts that we had, and finally, our Convivencia, in which we united more as partners, doing different types of recreational activities. I can say that these activities have helped us  connect more with our classmates and know a little how they have been going through the pandemic since, through a computer, we cannot see the feelings reflected, and it will never be the same.


I’m so thankful that the Comunidad Educativa Lux Mundi has given us this space to see our mates face to face; it will never be the same, but it does make a difference, and most importantly, makes us see some light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, we will soon go back to school taking all the necessary COVID-19 precautions.