A Year Passed


The time apart took a toll on sanity

Letting us astray of morals and belief.


Our home has been ripped of its essence

Leaving the vain left standing

‘Till nature lets them free.


The constant disbelief in mortality 

Has left youth in ignorance

The indifference towards the future 

Has left them living in the present

Yet dying in it too.


What matter does it hold, the insignificance of an unknown touch?

When it will cost you the significance of your soul.


Might survive the setback,

However, your surroundings may not

But that’s a chance you’re willing to take

If it means a bit of fun.


Yet this fun means 

the intoxication of the mind 

So the soul can come out

But no,

It’s just the lowering of your facade.


Feeling free from judgment

Letting go of fear, losing the last drop of pride.

It feels complete.



Longing for hope

A year has gone by

And souls have changed.

Some carried their disbelief to the grave, 

Some manage to keep hurting until the end.


Others keep in fear, 

living towards nothing at hand

At the expense of serenity’s soon arrival.

Never seize to confront life, 

Yet getting beat up instead.


Missing the mundane. 

Regardless, we all long for it 

Yet we know it’s far

No matter how we try to fix

What has already been shattered.


Lost in the meaning of life 

We don’t know what is right,

How to feel joy in gather when the mind 

Can’t handle such drastic matters.


Often wondering why this might be happening, 

to us, nevertheless.

 Such suffering with no escape. 

And fail to notice

We hold safety in our hands.



Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash