Welcome Back to School

School started in September and for the past month, we have been going through the process of adapting to our schedule. For some people, it has been easy. For others, not so much. We have been through a lot these last two years because of the COVID-19 situation, but thankfully, we can finally go to school face-to-face instead of taking virtual classes. Covid-19 was something tragic for all of us. Especially for us students because we had to take classes in a way we had never done before. 

At first, it wasn’t easy because we didn’t know what to do and how to do it. But, with time, things got a lot easier, and we were finally able to feel comfortable with the situation. Now that we have the opportunity to go to school in person, we have been more active since taking online classes. Now, we can even interact with friends and teachers. Returning to school during the pandemic has confused emotions for teachers, students, and even parents, but we all know that these difficult times are temporary.  Despite this, we all face challenges that we are going to overcome together. 

Thank God there are so many good new things for this school year.  For example,   the school decided to change the uniforms so and now we have more comfortable and stylish uniforms that we all like. The cafeteria has new management, which means we have new staff and better options of foods.  We are so excited to try what the cafeteria brings.

We all know that excellence doesn’t happen by accident. That is why we need to study and practice to make perfect, and what better way than going to school. School is an obligation, but for some students, including me, it’s a space where you can learn new things and get to know what you want to become. 

If we try, we could finish this school year face-to-face and enjoy it as much as possible because there will be times we will always remember.