Saving Lives Around the World

On Thursday, October 14th, 2021, the Regen-Cov medication was finally approved by the Ministry of Public Health in the Dominican Republic.  It is for patients older than 12 who caught Covid without being completely vaccinated or  those who may have complications because of health conditions.  For the approval of this medication, they put 65 patients to the test, and evaluated their reactions.  After analyzing the results, 95% of efficacy was shown, where almost 100% of intensive care patients responded at a good pace and recovered quickly.  


Studies have shown that one dose is enough to  prevent the patient from worsening and immediately boosts their antibodies to fight against this disease. Since outstanding results have been shown, the government of the Dominican Republic invested 85 million dollars on assuring 700 doses for Dominicans, becoming the first country of Latin America to obtain it.


The Regen-Cov has been the first antibody therapy used to create an antiviral effect from patients who have been hospitalized from Covid. It is made from the strong combination of monoclonal antibodies casirivimab and indevimab.  This combo is so powerful that even if one antibody reduces its effect, it won’t influence the time in response or effectiveness it has on the patient.It didn’t show to affect hypersensitivity or cause severe allergic reactions. Because of the effectiveness of this medication, six out of a hundred people get another chance at life. The doses can be applied through IV or injection. This may also treat existing infections, unlike vaccines that can only be used for prevention, but it may need to be reapplied to remain effective. This application has been shown to be safe, as its components won’t let the virus affect your healthy cells.  Until now, Regen-Cov has been tested to work and reduce risks on the Delta variant, Gamma variant, and Beta variant. Tests made with outpatients that received this medication reduced hospitalization and death by 70%, quickly lowering the viral load and the period of symptoms.   Overall, expectations were exceeded with this new medication, as it has met its primary goal, which is to reduce cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.