Verus Launch

On October 8th, 2021, the seniors made their official class launch and gave themselves the name “Verus ‘22.” This launch is a yearly activity here at Lux Mundi. Due to Covid, we didn’t get to see the one from last year, so this one was definitely long-awaited. On this day, when you entered the school, you could see the setup that they had previously put out. We got to see this amazing performance before classes started and, by the time they started the show, you could feel the excitement in the air. We were all anxious to see what they were going to surprise us with.


 The theme that they chose was Casino Night, and they divided themselves into four groups. Some guys were servers, and the girls were maids; others were tourists and magicians. The decoration was spectacular. They had a real car inside the school, a “Welcome to Vegas” sign, among other things.. All together, they formed a very amusing casino night. The dances were entertaining, the music was terrific, and you could definitely tell that the seniors were enjoying this extraordinary moment, and so was the rest of the school. They seemed to be having a fantastic time, which is expected, since everyone in high school waits for this moment from the day they become freshmen.


This year was a little different because they all had to have their masks on, parents had to see them dance the day before and usually, people from other schools would come to support their friends, which didn’t happen due to covid restrictions. That being said, this didn’t make the moment any less special for the rest of the school. It was the first of many more activities that the seniors are going to bring this year. They left us with nothing but wonders to expect for this school year. Now we have nothing but high expectations to be met. 


If by some chance you missed their amazing performance you could see the live video on their instagram page: @verus2022. 

Image credits: Verus’ instagram (@verus2022)