Go leopards!

On November 1st, our school welcomed a very special member to the community during our lunch break. Our mascot, the Leopard, was introduced.  He is part of the community, who represents and shows us, students, the importance of afternoon sports. He went across the high school grounds and through elementary school to announce that afternoon sports had begun. Our mascot always represents sports that we can participate in after school, and he also lets us know when we can start with our classes and for him to cheer us up while we play our sport.

What our mascot is best at is by making activities fun by demonstrating what the teacher says and motivating us to join one of the teams the school has to offer. On this day our mascot the Leopard occasionally walked through our Lux Mundi halls, waving at students, and saying “Hello” to our teachers. He even went to the teacher’s lounge to brighten their day by having a good laugh.

Some of us students were lucky to see the mascot after the announcement that he was in high school and elementary school.  After that, he was on his way to the teachers’ department, and that was an exciting experience by watching our mascot walk with our teachers and students around him till

they got to the teachers’ lounge.

Seeing our mascot was an enjoyable moment for us students since we haven’t seen him in a long time otherwise been in school for a long time. Us students haven’t had a moment like this in almost two years because of Covid but let’s just hope we don’t go back to it. Nevertheless, we will not keep letting the Covid-19 pandemic ruin our plans for this school year. I just wish that we can see our school mascot again some other time.