Does Parental Pressure Play a Role in Career Choices?

During college application times, parental pressure is a topic that has impacted and caved into a lot of students’ minds, a conversation that not many parents are willing to comprehend. Today we will be tackling this subject and asking questions. Do parental voices influence the choices of their children? If so, how does it honestly impact their options? 


As kids uncover their brains for a profession that will contribute to their futures, they will encounter positive or negative opinions from their parental figures. By the ripe age of 17, students have to choose a degree that they are interested in implementing into their daily lives. Most adolescents will pick a career they are passionate about or one their parents want, no in-between. When the influence of those judgments comes from someone who they look up to for validation, it can create emotions that will affect their life choices and lead them to follow a path they might resent in the future. This pressure can cause misunderstandings within themselves and make them question what they should do. 


So yes, parental voices do impact the decisions their kids make. It makes them question and overanalyze their opportunities. Most likely, they will end up listening more to what their parents say and not to their desire. Even though parents probably do this with their best intentions, it sets unrealistic expectations for their children to reach. Parents should understand where their kids are coming from before neglecting their choices.  Instead, they should help them find their talents and skills to help them make their own decisions and find a way through life. Advising and supporting instead of deciding for them or controlling them will have a greater influence and calm them through this stressful moment.