A Poet’s Truth

An artist with a cause, With a weapon most lethal than a gun, A heart is most torn, a mind most precarious,  A heart is most romantic.   Close to a scene is where you’ll find them most, One that will tighten your heart and twist your soul. Open your eyes to the mind of […]

A Year Passed

Nescience The time apart took a toll on sanity Letting us astray of morals and belief.   Our home has been ripped of its essence Leaving the vain left standing ‘Till nature lets them free.   The constant disbelief in mortality  Has left youth in ignorance The indifference towards the future  Has left them living […]

Poem to 2021

Hope is filled with your presence Pain is expected to fade in your existence We all have been waiting for you in patience Yet the disaster just seems to be crescent.   Routines have been made, Cards have been laid But we run to your aid As if you could raid all the pain.   […]

Holidays Departed

Perhaps the world has stayed still And we have forced it to move.   The lockdown continues, The bells ring as the lights twinkle.   Families unite, However, there’s no fluidity in sight.   The air grew colder, And somehow expectations arose; Reminding us all of what could’ve been, what should’ve been.   Yet the […]

Source: thelawofattraction.com

Only Thanks to Give

Seasons go by; The wind blows, the birds fly. Worthless, is the sight, for it’s encapsule to a screen. Ungrateful, we seem, to the beauty that beams.   The hold of a hand,  the touch of the skin,  Impeccable perfection yet unheeded to the surface, granted and unappreciated  to the act of custom.   A […]


Future dreams we have to grasp, Forgotten unclaimed ideas. Yet hope is blind,  so we ignore it instead.   Full of joy,  discovering our youth. Crippled the thought,  So it will never be true.   And days go by, As if one meant less than the last; The happiness we crave Is what destroyed us […]