Beautiful Spring

Welcome back, Spring You don’t know how much I missed you I can’t believe  you are already here Now I can see why the sun smiles when you are near. I noticed you came  when flowers bloomed again Because winter took away The flowers you created. But we must never forget  What Fall did to […]

The Importance of Being Grateful

Being grateful is essential to appreciating and enjoying life. We must appreciate who we are, what we have, what we have achieved, the people around us, etc. It makes us live in harmony with our environment and with a high degree of well-being. If we get carried away by negative thoughts, they can begin to […]

Christmas in the Dominican Republic

We are in one of the most exciting times of the year: the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, in recent times, the Christmas holidays have taken on a more commercial and less religious meaning.   Christmas is celebrated in every part of the world, with several customs and rituals. Still, these different ways […]