Christmas Miracle

Ah, December… You can already feel the “Christmas spirit” that people talk about. However, for Andrea, it was irrelevant since she didn’t believe in Christmas. She even thought those famous “Christmas miracles” were fake. It was late at night when Andrea was passing through a small market, specifically on the fruit side, when she turned […]

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The Power of Being Thankful

Sometimes, we think about everything we have, what life gives us. Whether it is good or bad,  it happens for a reason, leaving a positive or negative consequence. Looking from another point of view…the human being is born without anything, without knowing or having a notion of where he is. Everything that happens to us […]

Interview to Father Jorge

Last week, I had the opportunity to conduct a short interview to Father Jorge, Who has been in our community for a long time.  I asked him about different topics, and he answered kindly. The first question was about what was his first thought when he heard about the Covid-19 virus turning into a global […]

10th-grade Construction Project

In Lux Mundi, every year, 10th grade has the privilege of building a house for a person who really needs it. It was Doña Niña’s turn this year, she has a son with Down Syndrome and Autism. For her, this house was a big gift. We went to Bayaguana, Dominican Republic, from February 7-9. We […]

Tribute to Juan Pablo Duarte

On January 27th, a flag act was held to honor one of our homeland’s fathers, Juan Pablo Duarte. In this ceremony, we heard Duarte’s anthem. Two high school juniors explained a little about Juan Pablo’s life and his wishes, also analyzing one of his poems. Then our spokesperson of the student council (Amelia Sasso) recited […]