11th Grade: Dominican Day Activity

Every year the junior year class does an activity for Dominican independence day. This year it belongs to the class of 2022. Usually, a big Dominican bake sale is made where the class sells a bunch of typical food from our country like, “yaniqueques, frio frio, mantecaditos, mangú, salami, queso frito” and more. Because of […]

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US Political Party Division

This election has been a controversial topic over the last few months. It caused a really big division between the republicans that supported President Donald J Trump and the democrats who supported the now President-elect Joe Biden. We have been seeing this election race on different sides all over social media like TikTok, Instagram, and […]

My Quarantine Experience

This video was originally for an English class. It’s about my quarantine experience, and how I’ve felt during it. The teacher said that for this project we had to use creativity, so I chose giving it comedy. I knew most people were going to represent it as a YouTube video about their life, and that’s […]

Open Forum: Digital or Physical books?

We read daily without even noticing. It might be through text messages, books, articles, Instagram posts, or any other thing that involves words. When it comes to reading, everybody has a preference: some appreciate reading online—using different platforms—, and others enjoy reading books printed on paper. They both have pros and cons, and every aspect […]

Lux Mundi’s III Debate Tournament

The past November 22nd and 23rd, Lux Mundi was host to its third debate tournament, which included the participation of 11 schools and 140 students. This tournament included four preliminary rounds to each of these categories: novice, inter-varsity, and middle school. It was an event that joined students of schools like Saint George School, New […]

Musical Literature is Underrated

On October 21st the school celebrated Poet’s Day by inviting the singer/songwriter, psychologist, and writer Olga Lara to motivate the arts in our every day lives. She was also promoting her most recent book of poetry titled “Cosas del Alma” which means things of the soul and talks about different topics that relate to finding […]