My Future

It’s a new year, and school has started. The transition from one year to another is weird, especially this one. Even if it’s just from the 365th day of a year to the first one again, it feels like the end of an era. People everywhere are making their goal lists, and teachers are asking […]

My Dark Side of Christmas

People in my town have always loved Christmas and everything it stands for. The presents, reuniting with friends and family, lovely songs… And I agree, it is beautiful, except for one thing that ruined my childhood… Santa. It all started when I was five years old. This year Santa decided to put the gifts in […]

Thank You Bullies

Popularity was not exactly part of my description in school; in fact, I was bullied. I think most people go through this at least once in life and maybe get stuck with all that anger and resentment, but one day changed my whole perspective of life.   I have always been an honor roll student, […]

Fall Season

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, take us around our shiny sun. In each one there’s something for all. Let’s talk about Autumn, bring it on.   This is a season, where the breeze gives us a reason,  to value our naked trees.   Falling all around, in parks and streets. It’s lovely to see, leaves […]