A Lovely Day with SUPRA

On February 14, Valentine’s Day, the seniors of Lux Mundi school had an activity planned to celebrate this day of love and friendship. They sold popcorn, cheesecakes, soda of all flavors, and cotton candy. In addition to that, they sold gifts that you could buy ahead of time, and they sent the gift to that […]

10th-grade Construction Project

In Lux Mundi, every year, 10th grade has the privilege of building a house for a person who really needs it. It was Doña Niña’s turn this year, she has a son with Down Syndrome and Autism. For her, this house was a big gift. We went to Bayaguana, Dominican Republic, from February 7-9. We […]

Debating Between Schools

On Friday, February 7 and Saturday, February 8 members of the Debate Club participated in a debate tournament at St. George School. It lasted three hours on the first day and ten hours the next day because. Seventeen schools from the city attended. Some of the ones participating were Carol Morgan School, St. Patrick’s school, […]

We should all be ACTIONISTS!

As we all must know, climate change is a significant collateral effect of global warming. Our planet has been suffering for quite a while now, and most people are acting ignorant towards the topic. The truth is: you don’t have to be a super-smart scientist or a driven activist to fulfill your duty as a […]

New Horizons Math Tournament

The New Horizons School math department organized a math competition named Grand Prix in which they invited more than 20 schools, including Lux Mundi. The tournament objective was to promote math usage in olympiads. That school is associated with the American Mathematics Competition Program(MAA AMC) that gives the official standardized test. Lux Mundi picked students […]

First STEM Fest

Driven by the desire to motivate interest in Science and Technology, the kids of our Team Force robotics team invited us to their own STEM Fest. It was held this January 26th, at the UNPHU, Plaza de las Artes from 11:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m. This activity intended to expand the areas of STEM (Science, […]

Tribute to Juan Pablo Duarte

On January 27th, a flag act was held to honor one of our homeland’s fathers, Juan Pablo Duarte. In this ceremony, we heard Duarte’s anthem. Two high school juniors explained a little about Juan Pablo’s life and his wishes, also analyzing one of his poems. Then our spokesperson of the student council (Amelia Sasso) recited […]

The Art of Dance

At the end of every semester, a group of ninth-graders performs a dance that determines their final grade of dance class. They have to come up with a theme, a topic, a choreography and choose the music. They’ve been planning all of this since December and got to show the results to the whole school […]

End of The Year Stamp and Mass

This year, as usual, we had the Mass for the end of 2019. This Mass is made to encourage the students of our community to end the year with many blessings and goals to make us aspire to be better people. This is an interactive activity, since some students participate throughout the development of itself, […]