Extra Curricular Activities Restarting in Lux Mundi

Lux Mundi is now restarting sports activities, clearly with all covid-19 precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. This pandemic has limited the world in every single aspect. Everything’s changed, including the way our world functions, and how we interact as individuals. Activities were canceled or postponed, schools were shut down. From one day to another, our […]

Women who changed the science world

In honor of Women’s Day, we should celebrate the life and achievements of women from all around the world. They have provided their knowledge and skills in sports, music, arts, and science. Women from different backgrounds and places have contributed to everything we know today about science, even though they often don’t get the credit […]

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Celebrating our Love for Music

The International Musician Day is a holiday celebrated on November 22 to honor all the people who have a special connection with music, know about it or play it in any sort of way. More than 120 countries commemorate this day where we acknowledge all musicians or music lovers who often feel unrecognized and not […]

Omicron: The Newest Covid Variant

On November 26, a new variant of Covid-19 was recognized as a “variant of concern,” it’s called Omicron. It originated in Botswana and South Africa in November and is now spreading worldwide, faster than any other Covid-19 variant previously identified, causing concern and panic to rise around the world.   Something about this new variant […]

Saving Lives Around the World

On Thursday, October 14th, 2021, the Regen-Cov medication was finally approved by the Ministry of Public Health in the Dominican Republic.  It is for patients older than 12 who caught Covid without being completely vaccinated or  those who may have complications because of health conditions.  For the approval of this medication, they put 65 patients […]

Welcome Back to School

School started in September and for the past month, we have been going through the process of adapting to our schedule. For some people, it has been easy. For others, not so much. We have been through a lot these last two years because of the COVID-19 situation, but thankfully, we can finally go to […]

The Biden-Harris Inauguration Gave People Hope

Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris’s presidential inauguration took place on Wednesday, January 20th, at the US Capitol in Washington DC. Both of them made history; Joe Biden being the oldest person to occupy office, and Kamala being the first woman of color with South Asian heritage to become Vice-President. Usually, former presidents and vice presidents […]