How To Avoid Stress While Taking Online Classes?

We’re all experiencing the whole “online class” situation with the current pandemic that has taken the entire world by surprise. The majority is still getting used to the online mechanism of Zoom even the teachers are going out of their comfort zone, adapting their syllabus to the digital era. First, let’s describe the meaning of […]

The Quarantine To-Do List

I get it. We have all been extremely bored during the Covid-19 quarantine, but it’s okay. This time should be used to do things we like, but never had time to do. So, to make your lives more prosperous and your quarantine more fun, here’s a list of fun activities to do during this distancing.  […]

Open Forum: Digital or Physical books?

We read daily without even noticing. It might be through text messages, books, articles, Instagram posts, or any other thing that involves words. When it comes to reading, everybody has a preference: some appreciate reading online—using different platforms—, and others enjoy reading books printed on paper. They both have pros and cons, and every aspect […]