The Economic Structure and the Dominance of Production

Inspired by Elementary Concepts of Historical Materialism, Chapter 4- Marta Harnecker   Production is the dominant aspect of the economic structure. Bourgeois economists, on the other hand, claim that production is only of the same importance as the phenomena of distribution, consumption, and exchange. As an economic structure, capitalism depends on preserving poverty in […]

Take a Break from Screens

We live in a society where Instagram posts are the way of saying “Happy Birthday” instead of handwritten letters, where Amazon means more than a rainforest, and Apple no longer represents a fruit. We think working out for thirty minutes every day just doesn’t fit our schedule. However, the average person scrolls 2 hours and […]

A Life to Remember

Growing up in Pakistan, women were always diminished; they weren’t allowed to receive a proper education.Tired of watching this happen, Malala raised her voice to advocate for every girl’s education. When she was 12, she started writing against the Taliban on the news, avoiding her name usage so as not to put herself in danger. […]

New York Times Bestselling Movies

Haven’t you noticed that almost every book with some level of popularity has the phrase “New York Times Bestseller” written on them? I believe we should copy this method when it comes to movies. Films are a form of expression for directors, actors, and others, just like books are for authors. Therefore, they get to […]

Capitalism Vs. Environment

Capitalism is the origin of most of the planet’s environmental issues. Capitalists’ beliefs conflict directly with environmentalism. , Capitalism requires incessant growth of production to maintain stability, but in a world of finite resources, this is a goal that is impossible to achieve. Perhaps if we examine how what we call progress and capitalism has […]

Rechecking Scientific History

Ever since our first Biology class, every time we talk about the DNA structure, we accredit its discovery to Watson and Crick without hesitation. However, this isn’t the real story. Rosalind Franklin is the scientist who actually noticed the double helix structure of DNA but didn’t get recognized solely because of her gender. Through her […]

Our Desire to “Become…”

Ever since we were little, people always told us there is a series of activities we need to cross off of our life’s to-do list. Our dissatisfaction with living in the moment makes us want to work for a new “level” of our lives, which usually does more harm than good. We are constantly aiming […]

Different Perspectives of Freedom

Freedom is a word that signifies a right to some but a dream to others. While I watched a series called Attack on Titan during winter break, this topic was often highlighted in diverse ways by the characters. Eren, the main character, is best described as impulsive, loyal and passionate. “If you win, you live. […]