Only Thanks to Give

Seasons go by; The wind blows, the birds fly. Worthless, is the sight, for it’s encapsule to a screen. Ungrateful, we seem, to the beauty that beams.   The hold of a hand,  the touch of the skin,  Impeccable perfection yet unheeded to the surface, granted and unappreciated  to the act of custom.   A […]


Future dreams we have to grasp, Forgotten unclaimed ideas. Yet hope is blind,  so we ignore it instead.   Full of joy,  discovering our youth. Crippled the thought,  So it will never be true.   And days go by, As if one meant less than the last; The happiness we crave Is what destroyed us […]

My Quarantine Experience

This video was originally for an English class. It’s about my quarantine experience, and how I’ve felt during it. The teacher said that for this project we had to use creativity, so I chose giving it comedy. I knew most people were going to represent it as a YouTube video about their life, and that’s […]

Team Wales

It was another weekend for the Wales siblings. Everyone was focused on what they were doing. Bella, the youngest, was doing her math homework whilst sitting on the family room floor. Seconds before finishing her last equation, her eyes catch a glimpse of her brother, Phillip, sneaking in and out of the kitchen with a […]

Dear Women:

I know you’re probably receiving a lot of praise this whole month, which is insane because you deserve to be celebrated every day of the year. Even though you might be extremely busy dealing with the immense struggle of being yourself, I wanted to dedicate these few words to all you’ve achieved. You’re worthy of […]

An Underrated Gem

My stunning and tropical home, surrounded by an endless sea. Just know that wherever I roam, a better place I will never see. Your majestic beaches fill the island and astound everyone who visits them. The second any plane here lands, they compare you to an actual gem. Your breathtaking landscapes are plentiful; your mountains […]