This past September 20 we got the pleasure to see the launching of this year’s seniors, SUPRA’20.  This event took place in the morning right before classes start. The fun thing about this is that when you arrived at school you got the surprise and the excitement, even though we had to wait outside and only parents could enter from the beginning, it was worth the wait.  There were a lot of people from other schools who came to see them perform and support their friends.

Their theme was traveling through time like a time machine. Their dances were really good and had a lot of feeling that was put into them, you could tell that it was a really special moment not only for the seniors but for the entire school. The dance was divided into six dances going throughout time from 20 b.C, the 1920s, 60s, 80s, 2000s and then they finished up in 2020. Every time period had its own theme that went with the main idea of the dance. For decoration, they had a big watch and they had an old car. Of course, they also had a big time-machine to represent their amazing theme and to make the day even better.

This year senior class is called SUPRA, it has 72 classmates that have been together for some time now and have been waiting for this moment for a long time since they entered high school, everyone awaits the moment of their launch, with all their friends by their side.

By Regina Izquierdo & 
Isabela Alba