Days to Shine

Days to Shine is the first annual event that honors women who seek to shine in different aspects of their life in the Dominican Republic. The magazine that organizes this event is: “The Shine Magazine”. This magazine has a lot of sections like fashion design, beauty, wellness, live styles, family and professions, experiences the attendees offer the public; all of this talks about how and what Shine Magazine is.

It offers many workshops such as makeup classes, cooking shows and different conferences that call women’s attention. For two days, at the Garden Tent of the hotel “El Embajador,” Days to Shine offers workshops for brides, lettering, makeup, how to be the perfect hostess and learn to pack like a queen, among many other things.  Some of the speakers were Marianne Cruz, Vida Gaviria, CUSIFIT, Luz García, Laura Posada and the Chef Tita called Inéz Paéz Nin.

I feel that this event is very important as it helps women who do not feel comfortable with themselves or even the ones who want to learn to be leaders of the future. For me, these women entrepreneurs have worked hard to be who they are today. One day I would like to be like one of them, to be able to give talks so that girls and women who feel like me today can learn and realize that they are worth much more than they think.