End of The Year Stamp and Mass

This year, as usual, we had the Mass for the end of 2019. This Mass is made to encourage the students of our community to end the year with many blessings and goals to make us aspire to be better people. This is an interactive activity, since some students participate throughout the development of itself, by reading the Responsorial Psalm, presenting all the offers that students give to the school, reading the Gospel, etc. I particularly think that this is a rite that the school should always promote because this is a spiritual event that many students find important, I find it very interesting and appealing. Many students enjoy having this experience because this is the only time of the year that they attend a Mass, though this applies to a small fraction of students.


On the other hand, the Christmas Stamp was acted by the first graders and organized by the students of the tenth grade that form part of the elective Scenic Production. The tenth graders set the whole thing, including the accessories for the costumes, the scene, the script, the music, amongst others, so that first graders perform the Stamp. The first graders of Elementary presented this activity through a lot of effort. Even though this presentation is made every year, it constantly changes depending on the student’s creativity. The purpose of this event is recreating the story of Jesus’s birth; It includes all the characters that are part of this event. I believe this is a very creative way to express the meaning of Christmas, reminding us that it’s not about the gifts, it is about being with your relatives and sharing with your family.