Lux Mundi Shows They’re on for 2020

Lux Mundi decided to end the year with the announcement of their newly designed web page, following the series of changes they have already done, like the new logo and the new sports uniforms. The new webpage has a more modern look and provides more information about the school. The old design only had access to Aula Virtual, XAS, the mail, and the forum of the school, along with a way to contact them. For someone who is not part of the school, there wasn’t much to see. The new design is more interactive and shows more of the school, rather than just the contact information. Now there are testimonies of graduates and parents about their experiences at the school, pictures of the installations, and extracurricular activities the school has.

It’s very helpful for the parents to know what happens every day and the upcoming activities the school has planned out. Also, newcomers might find it a lot easier to navigate through this new platform rather than the one we had before. It came as a complete shock to the students and some of the staff when this project was launched, but it was definitely a move in the right direction. The school was looking for a way to branch themselves out and seem like a modern establishment. In popular opinion, it looks like they made it and everyone’s pleased with the new design.


By Lucia Tellado & Marie Anne de León