The Art of Dance

At the end of every semester, a group of ninth-graders performs a dance that determines their final grade of dance class. They have to come up with a theme, a topic, a choreography and choose the music. They’ve been planning all of this since December and got to show the results to the whole school on Wednesday, January 22 during lunch.

There were four groups with 4 or 5 members. They all wore outfits that related to their topic. The selection of music fitted perfectly with all the performances. The topics included:

  • “The Importance of Water,” by María Isabel Ramos, Marco Mueses, Maria Emilia Moya, Paul Peña and Marcello Quezada. In their dance, they show the audience what it is like to live in a contaminated world where the only thing that can save them is water.



  • “Mending a Heart,” by Valeria Restrepo, Natalia Herrera, Omar Troncoso, Valeria Rodriguez, and Anton Maunier. In this presentation, five scientists are working hard to come up with a solution to building a heart.



  • “The End of the Decade,” by Gabriela Melo, Mariam Paiewonsky, Gabriele Vásquez, and Daniel Álvarez. With a mix of the most famous songs of the decade, the four members dance all the iconic moves.



  • “Violence Towards Men,” by Mia Perez, Manuela Feo la Cruz, Manuel Montalvo, and Nicolás Mañón. This dance teaches us that women are not the only ones who are being hurt.



The assignment is a really good experience that the students enjoy. They practice everything that they learned during class. It challenges them to go above and beyond. According to one of the students, the most difficult part is making sure everyone is coordinated. At the end of the day, it is all worth it.