First STEM Fest

Driven by the desire to motivate interest in Science and Technology, the kids of our Team Force robotics team invited us to their own STEM Fest. It was held this January 26th, at the UNPHU, Plaza de las Artes from 11:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m.

This activity intended to expand the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through games and recreational activities for children that stimulate their critical-thinking skills while working together on projects to reach a definite goal.

The captain of the marketing team, Gabriela Dargam, together with other students, visited the Caribbean Editorial Office to promote the fest.

”In this activity, we will be involved the message of the FIRST organization with programs to help children to be innovative in STEM areas, so we invite parents to share this important activity with their children and at the same time go out with new knowledge acquired “.

Science presentations, interactive construction activities, and storytelling took place in this event.

The funds are being used to support the First Lego League teams of San José Fe y Alegría Polytechnic and Gregorio Urbano Gilbert Lyceum, also donating to the

Foundation of the Development of Sciences and Technologies “FUNDECITEC”.

This year, the visitors had the chance to participate in different activity booths that were featured for children to take part of. Some of them were building a parachute with paper cups, making a paper spinner, legos, coloring table, and creating a racing car with recycled bottles. You also had the chance to see a robot rally and the Anubis robot.

STEM Fest included not only a variety of activities for preschool, and elementary but also middle school and high school students, as well as adults. Building blocks and art activities help to usher the youngest visitors into the exciting world of STEM. At the same time, older students and adults enjoyed engaging with faculty members about their research and experiencing activities such as live experiments with the team.

The fest had multiple guests like Freddy Ginebra, cultural manager, writer, and journalist; Denia Cid, renowned scientist in nanotechnology and science teacher at PUCMM; Adriana Selman, promoter of technology in children and creator of @thecodingspacerd; Antonio Ramirez, who presented the Green Layer Mission Project and its prototype Robot to reforest; Jatnna Tavarez, renewed tv show host and Bajo Voltaje, an artistic rock band who entertained people all evening.

It was an evening filled with knowledge and fun, a total success too. We hope this activity becomes a tradition within the team so everyone can have a chance to experience it.