We should all be ACTIONISTS!

As we all must know, climate change is a significant collateral effect of global warming. Our planet has been suffering for quite a while now, and most people are acting ignorant towards the topic. The truth is: you don’t have to be a super-smart scientist or a driven activist to fulfill your duty as a member of planet Earth to help with the threat we’re all facing. Because we share a planet, it affects us all as equals. Some of us might have it a little harder due to living conditions, as well as some might not notice the drastic changes occurring just because they don’t feel it affects them directly.

The alumni Sara Gonzáles visited the school to give us a fair warning concerning this topic. She studied law and later on did a master’s in climate change. She stated that as a country, the Dominican Republic was starting to show some drastic changes due to global warming, for example, our beaches were disappearing, and our cattle were dying out of thirst. Gonzáles also shared that to help our country and planet, in general, we had to become actionists. This means to be an advocate of direct action. We have to take matters into our own hands with small things we can improve on our day-to-day routine. To not waste paper, to recycle, use water wisely, not use too much plastic, etc.

To top off her presentation, she shared with us some alterations of products we use daily to contaminate less and recycle. Some of these products are bamboo toothbrushes, organic shops that use crystal packaging instead of plastic ones, the alternative to plastic plates, which would be plates made out of “Palma,” and to buy products from local agriculture places that are proven to be 100% natural. Overall, Gonzáles left a nice message to our community, and it shouldn’t die with only us. We must spread the word and help in any way we can. After all, it is our planet Earth, and it’s our right to right our wrongs.