A Lovely Day with SUPRA

On February 14, Valentine’s Day, the seniors of Lux Mundi school had an activity planned to celebrate this day of love and friendship. They sold popcorn, cheesecakes, soda of all flavors, and cotton candy. In addition to that, they sold gifts that you could buy ahead of time, and they sent the gift to that special person for whom you bought that. On the day of the activity, they were also doing well on selling the products in case someone wanted to buy something else at the last moment.

Something that I had never seen at the school was that they decided to sell serenades, they could be sent anonymously or not. That celebration happened at recess, at that time even the teachers danced, we all ate a lot of sweets, and we had a great time with our friends.


At school you could see a charming atmosphere, happy people, crying with happiness, lots of red and pink everywhere. Almost at the end of the activity, the seniors raffled a huge teddy bear and sang many songs. That day was unforgettable for many of the Lux Mundi’s students in this year 2020.