School During Quarantine

As you already know by now, we are going through quarantine. This means none of the students are going to school, but they are still learning. The school has decided to give virtual classes. This consists of uploading work through Aula Virtual and teaching using an app called Zoom. With this new way of teaching and learning, comes new rules we need to follow.

We are already familiar with some rules because they are the same ones applied in a classroom. For example, eating is not allowed during classes since it is a distraction and not appropriate. The students also have to be on time, or else they are going to be marked as late. As usual, the teacher is going to check the attendance and everybody has to write “present” on the chat. If anybody has a question or a doubt, the teacher can answer them so they can understand.

There are some new rules we have to follow even though we are taking classes at home. For instance, none of the students can be wearing pajamas or inappropriate clothes. It is mandatory to be sitting in a desk and not laying down on a couch or bed. Regarding the app, the camera has to be on so that the teacher can see all the student’s faces. It is important only the ones who belong to the class attend. These rules are created so that we can all have a good environment to learn despite the situation.