Vaccines For The Whole World

As we all know, the coronavirus has taken over the world by either killing a lot of people or just by intimidating them. Since the virus became a “pandemic,”  research for anything that can treat the symptoms has filled social media. Moderna’s vaccine  is leading the research efforts in the US. Moderna is an American  company that focuses on drug development. 


Unfortunately, , Moderna believes that their vaccine will be ready, minimum, by the end of 2020. Let’s say that this is precise;the vaccine gets released and enters mass production in January of 2021. Politicians, scientists, and others believe that when the vaccine is fully ready to deploy to the public, the pandemic will end. Still, information and research have shown that it is physically impossible to create billions of vaccines in a time-space of one year or even two. 


The first issue presented is production. Many companies and governments can join to create as many vaccines as possible, but if you start mass production of this vaccine, what will happen to the other types of vaccines that millions of other people need, like the influenza or the rubella vaccine. The second matter is how are they going to distributr the vaccine to Third World countries like Haiti, which have a very unacceptable health care system. The third and final problem is the most important one, if the vaccine isn’t distributed correctly, many of these  countries could suffer from the virus for up to 4 years, according to a study published by CDN.


In conclusion, we all have to remember that maybe, our new reality includes living with COVID-19 and that maybe it would be the new flu. Governments and organizations need to know that coronavirus isn’t over until every single soul has been injected with the vaccine or any type of antibody.