How to Lead a Healthy Life

It’s really important to take good care of yourself, but now is more than ever since we need to have a strong and healthy immune system since we are in the middle of a pandemic. Now that said I want to share for you tips and tricks that have helped me improve my daily life. These are just some small things that you can start implementing little by little to increase your well-being. 


  • Try to exercise, to be more active, or to go on a walk.  

Exercising is one of the best activities you can do for your physical health, and also for your mental health. In my personal experience, it has made me happier since I use it as a stress reliever. A tip I have for you to be more active is using the stairs in places where this option is available. Start by doing 10-15 minutes of exercise a day, and at least two to three times a week. Choose a type of workout that you enjoy doing, and remember not to use it as a punishment: use it as a way to move your body, to destress, and to have fun.


  • Try to eat healthier.

As the famous saying goes: “We are what we eat.” So if we eat junk food every  day, we are not going to be in good shape  , and we won’t be our best selves. I’m not telling you only to eat fruits and veggies,  and to cut out all junk food, but what I’m trying to say is to add some veggies and fruits to your plate everyday.  


  • Drink water.

I used to be the kind of person that almost never drank water, but that is totally detrimental to your health. Water helps you relieve fatigue  and increase your energy, it helps you maintain a sustainable weight, or it could also help you with weight loss, depending on what your goal is. A tip that has helped me drink more water is getting a water bottle and making it a goal to drink a certain amount of water every single day. Also, it’s been useful to drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning.


I hope you can implement some of these recommendations to your daily life in order to be as healthy as possible, which contributes to protecting you from the pandemic.