What about dominican public schools

Since COVID-19 became a pandemic, all schools were closed temporarily, meaning the only way a student could take classes was virtually. Unfortunately, only a few selected private schools in the DR are able to teach using this method. For public schools, this meant that they would be out of class until matters got solved. Luis Abinader, the newly elected president of the Dominican Republic, stated that “By the beginning of the school year, all children and young people in schools and high schools in the Dominican Republic will have a tablet or laptop so that they can continue their training regardless of the evolution of the pandemic and its economic level,.” This declaration indicates that students  will receive online classes.dding to what he said, it has been stated by other government officials that students attending  a public teaching center who  don’t receive an electronic device,will have to take classes at home through the TV  or  radios, which will have specific channels  just for this purpose.


There have been diverse opinions about this matter, but in the way I see it, this would bring back the chance of education to people who don’t have as many resources to have an internet connection or a laptop and to those who are interested in learning and progressing in life. A  wildly important matter is the fact that these people will not have physical contact with anybody else while taking classes, making this a highly successful way to keep people at home focused on class instead of being in an enclosed environment, risking their lives and their elders’.