How to Make School Online Easier and Be Productive

Since mid-March 2020 everything has changed, the increase in disemployment, not being able to go out most of the time, having to do school online, and so much more. But here I want to focus specifically on online school. It was a very big change not having to go right to school when we wake up and not seeing your friends everyday. The outlooks on this new normal are varied, some people like online education better and others prefer the traditional method. In my opinion, it would be great if we could stay twice a week at home and the other three days at school or vice versa.


Having this unusual standard for taking classes has proved to be harder than before in some ways, like trying to focus when in school time, this would be hard because in your house you could have some much more distractions than at school. I would recommend trying to separate school from your everyday life, maybe look for a place that is not close to your bed or bedroom, such as an office or living room. Just make sure to go to an area with not that many or any distractions at all. 


Another thing that helps a lot is to create a routine, like setting a time to wake up, get ready, take classes, doing exercise, going to sleep, etc. This will contribute a lot with time management and just organization in general. To do this I suggest you find somewhere to write a to-do list, as well as your schedule, like an agenda. When creating your plan you should have in mind what I told you before: don’t take classes or do homework in the same place you play games or rest and know how much time certain things take so that your schedule is not cramped. 


This has been a crazy experience for everyone but it has allowed us to appreciate everything we have, so let’s make the most out of it.


Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash