How To Salvage Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday, the holiday after Thanksgiving, where you spend a good amount of money splurging for yourself and/or your loved ones.


Let’s be real, most of us are stuck at home with no way out, not even for this amazing holiday where most of our favorite stores hold an insane SALE in hopes to be sold out before Christmas. The current situation is forcing us into the rabbit hole of online shopping, which can be really tricky sometimes, especially when you don’t know which shops are legit and to whom should you trust your money. Here, I present to you some tips and tricks to make this Black Friday still as epic as if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic.



I know I already mentioned the fact that we can’t go out in the middle of this crisis to shop, but hear me out, most local shops are driven by an Instagram account and have their own way of delivering their merchandise. If you get in contact with the owner, via DM or a phone number contact, you can feel safe knowing that your package is going to arrive safe and sound. Most of these small local shops are bound to have a very personal approach with their customers and if that’s the case then you’re golden. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your gift knowing that you’re supporting our country’s local small businesses.



Sometimes these brands are not very planet-safe so be careful before shopping for a fast-fashion brand. Other than that, I know good quality items by famous brands are bound to be a little bit more expensive than what we’re aiming to splurge on, but with the crazy SALES going on I would find it really hard to believe that not even one of these shops becomes more friendly toward the pocket. The thing is, with these types of brands, you already know they’re good, and their fanbase only adds to the trust it inspires in its customers, so you don’t lose anything by shopping there.



We all want to get everything on Black Friday for as low of a cost as possible, but sometimes you have to remember that you get what you pay for. If these shops have a price range on most of their inventory lower than 15 dollars, you should think twice before buying anything from the site. It depends on what you want to get and how much you are willing to pay for the quality you want to obtain in your object, but paying a very low price for something luxurious seems too sketchy to believe. Although, by all means, trust your gut instinct. If you get a good vibe from the site then make the purchase, but be careful if you’re starting to think it was a bad idea to even click on the link.


The internet is full of sketchy websites trying to catfish people and using an insane amount of clickbait, so be careful where you click and shop safely!


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