Smart and Conscious Shopping in a Pandemic

Holidays are something everyone is always looking forward to, especially this year. I was joined by many others with the excitement and thrill of the holiday season, mostly consisting of the fact this “special” year is ending soon. The holidays not only signify the culmination of yet another calendar year, but it also means it’s time to give and receive. Not only material things but also the joy and warmth produced by being with your loved ones. 

As I mentioned before, this is more of an outstanding year, so things like holiday shopping and overall human contact will not work in the same way as they did previously. In fact, I am an excellent & experienced shopper, hence why I decided to provide the fundamentals of how to be smart and conscious in a pandemic, not only while shopping but also in other aspects. Before I start listing, I would like to clarify that conscious shopping doesn’t necessarily mean ethical, sustainable, or anything of the sort; it means you really know what you’re doing.

First of all: wear a mask. It is quite obvious that you should do this, but I still want to specify it. You should find a mask that is comfortable to wear; one that fits your face, because if not you’re going to be very uncomfortable. I’m saying this from experience. It is very bothersome when you are walking around and you have to lift your mask constantly. 

You should also look forward to your health and safety which brings us to our second main idea: organize your time; organization is key when buying. You might change it along the way, but you need to have a plan of where you’re going depending on the time. For example, if you’re going to the mall, you need to search for an hour that is not as full as it can be. On the holidays, the malls are going to be overloaded with people, and that is a health hazard, even though we’re told it’s not. You have to prioritize where you’re going and if it’s essential to go that day, and if it’s not, scrap it! Search for an alternative or just leave it for another day. 

Just as shopping isn’t the same, the holidays, in general, are not going to be the same. Aside from smart and conscious shopping, you should also make smart and conscious decisions on what you’re doing for this special time of the year. We’re told it is okay to hang out with our family and friends, but maybe it’s not. This is totally fine since you should really prioritize your own health as you did with shopping. You should take this into account while celebrating, and really make sure what is correct, ethical, smart, and cautious during these times. 


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