Poem about The Three Wise Men

Three wise men

Following a star,

Searching for the new king, Jesus Christ. 

Guided to Bethlehem, 

established in the famous manger.


Three wise men, 

Who follow the stars,

Set out on a new path 

bringing myrrh, gold, and frankincense 

From the bottom of their hearts.


Melchor lived in Europe, 

When he saw a star, 

That shone more than the other ones

In the very dark night.


Gaspar dominated the East, 

From his castle, 

He observed a shining light, 

Making him mount his camel

And followed it.


Baltazar in Africa reigned, 

Embarking on a journey 

when he saw the great shine

Met with others on the way 

to get to Jesus Christ.


When Jesus saw the three kings 

Prostrated at his feet

He granted them eternal life, 

For the faith and loyalty that they had.



Image Source: https://www.guiainfantil.com/articulos/navidad/cuentos/cuento-de-los-reyes-magos-de-oriente-para-ninos/